how exercise helps your skin

Do you want beautiful, healthy skin? There are many ways to care for skin including topical treatments, healthy eating, and visits to dermatologists. Greeley dermatologists can help your skin, but exercising can improve your skin from the inside out. Following a healthy lifestyle gives your skin the nutrients and movement it needs to be healthy and youthful. Here are four ways exercise affects your skin.

Provides a Natural Exfoliant

Many people see clearer skin when they start exercising regularly. One reason for that is that sweat acts as a natural exfoliant. In fact, getting in a good workout can have close to the same effect as having a mini facial. Sweat pushes out the dirt and oil that is trapped in the pores and can leave skin feeling smooth and fresh. However, sweat only works as an exfoliant if you wash your face after working out. Leaving sweat on your skin can cause more problems when it sucks the dirt and oil back into the pores as it dries.

Increases Blood Flow

Exercising gets the blood pumping, which is great for your skin. As you exercise, tiny arteries on your skin open up and increase the blood flow to your skin’s surface. The more blood gets moving through the body, the more oxygen and nutrients are carried to the skin. Blood flow also removes waste products like free radicals, which naturally get absorbed into the skin from the dirt and pollution in the air. Exercising is like cleaning your skin from the outside. Click here to learn more about how exercise affects your skin.

Lowers Stress

A common cause of skin problems is stress. Many people get breakouts or rashes when they feel stressed, and people with conditions like eczema and psoriasis can experience flareups during stressful situations. Studies have shown that the glands that produce skin oil are influenced by stress hormones, which can lead to rashes and sweating. Exercising produces endorphins in the body, which have been proven to make you happier and reduce stress. Taking time to move your body can clear your mind and lower stress levels, which helps your skin and your mental state. Click here to learn more about how exercise reduces stress.

Increases Collagen and Elasticity

Collagen helps create youthful-looking skin that bounces back and is bright and supple. Our bodies naturally lose collagen as we age, which is why many older adults start to see sagging skin. Some studies have shown that exercising increases the amount of collagen in the skin. One study followed older adults as they began a cycling program and found that they had higher collagen levels after three months of regular exercise. Doctors are still researching the connection between exercise and collagen, but it seems to have positive impacts.

It’s important to note that not all skin conditions can be treated simply by exercising. Exercise alone isn’t a skincare treatment, but when combined with products and dermatologist recommendations, it can make a difference for most people. However, conditions like eczema and rosacea can be made worse by some kinds of exercise. Psoriasis and rosacea can flare up after a big workout, but experts say that isn’t a reason to not exercise. People with these conditions can still experience the positive skin benefits of exercise if they exercise in a cool environment to control their body temperature and rinse the sweat off their skin immediately after their workout.

The positive impact of exercise can also be negated if you don’t take care of your skin while you exercise. You won’t see fewer wrinkles if you jog outside without sunscreen—you’ll just see a sunburn. For best results, apply moisturizer and sunscreen before exercising and wash your face and body as soon as you can after a workout to remove the sweat.

Exercise has numerous positive effects on skin. Living a healthy lifestyle and working out regularly can be a great addition to your skin care treatments. Find the right exercise for your lifestyle and skin type and take advantage of that post-workout glow.

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