why you need a dermatologist

As the biggest organ on your body, your skin deserves time and effort in order to maintain its health and condition, just as much as its appearance. Entrusting the care of your skin to the expertise of Northern Colorado dermatologists is one of the best things you can do to ensure that your skin, hair, and nails not only look their best but also feel their best.

There are a wide variety of skin problems that can cause mild to severe symptoms that end up affecting your health, quality of life, and even your self-esteem, but a dermatologist can help you by diagnosing and treating these conditions. If you are concerned or upset about a problem with your skin, hair, or nails, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with a dermatologist. Here are 9 reasons you may want to see a dermatologist.

1. It’s Time for Your Annual Skin Exam

To ensure that your skin is healthy and strong, it is highly recommended to schedule an annual skin exam with a licensed dermatologist. At an annual skin exam, dermatologists perform a detailed check of your skin looking for any new, developing, abnormal, or concerning areas. An annual skin exam is one of the strategies for early detection of skin cancer, which can significantly improve your chances of successful treatment.

2. You Have Skin Cancer or Signs of Skin Cancer

Some forms of skin cancer can be easily treated if diagnosed early enough. However, melanoma, the most dangerous type, can be deadly if not treated in time. If you notice any spots or areas of your skin that concern you, be sure to make an appointment with a licensed dermatologist as soon as possible to have them checked.

Signs of skin cancer may include:

  • Any worrisome changes in your skin
  • Skin growths or moles that have changed color, size, shape, or texture
  • Large brown spots with dark speckles
  • Lesions with abnormal shaping or borders
  • Lesions or growths that are painful, itchy, burning, or that continually scab or bleed
  • Nodules that are firm and red

3. You Have Acne That Doesn’t Improve With Over-the-Counter Products

Acne is one of the most common skin conditions affecting people of any age (not just teenagers) and often impacts self-esteem and self-image. Acne can appear in various degrees of severity on the face, neck, back, shoulders, and even chest. If you have tried over-the-counter products or other homeopathic methods, but have not seen improvement, make an appointment with your dermatologist. Dermatologists have the knowledge and experience for treating acne at the source, helping you to find renewed confidence and improved skin.

4. You Have Red, Swollen, Dry, and Itchy Skin

If you have areas of your skin that are continuously uncomfortable, irritated, itchy, or flaky, you may have eczema, a chronic skin condition that can affect people of all ages. Leaving the skin red, swollen, dry and itchy, it also causes emotional distress as it affects appearance and self-image. If you have eczema or have noticed signs of it, seeing a dermatologist is the best way to identify the condition. They can also prescribe creams or medications that can help to provide relief and improvement.

5. You Have Thick, Red Patches on the Surface of Your Skin

Psoriasis is a condition that causes skin cells to form quickly and accumulate as thick, red, scaly patches on the surface of the skin. These patches can appear on many areas of the body and can be both painful and itchy. To treat the condition, a dermatologist can prescribe soothing creams along with oral medications

6. Your Skin Is Always Red and Splotchy

Rosacea is a skin condition that causes skin to appear red, flushed, or even create bumps or swelling. Identifying rosacea with help from a dermatologist can give you access to medication and therapies that can help, but it can also help you to determine factors that can make it worse such as diet, stress, alcohol, and weather.

7. You Are Losing Hair

More-than-normal hair loss, bald patches, or thinning hair can all be signs of an underlying health concern or a genetic condition. A dermatologist is able to tests to pinpoint the cause of your hair loss and treat it before it can become worse.

8. You Want to Improve the Appearance and Condition of Your Skin

There are many factors that affect how your skin looks and feels. Age can bring wrinkles, sagging skin, discoloration, and more. Lifestyle choices such as a poor diet, smoking, and excessive sun exposure can also take a toll on your skin’s texture, color, and fullness. Dermatologists can offer a variety of safe cosmetic treatments that can restore and rejuvenate the condition and appearance of your skin. 

9. You Have an Infection or Rash

Skin can be affected by a number of factors including bacteria, viruses, or contact from allergens. If you have a skin infection, rash, lesion, or other abnormalities on your skin, schedule an appointment with Northern Colorado dermatologists today to get treated before it can worsen. 

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