About Accutane’s potency and risks


Acne is one of the most diagnosed skin conditions in the world. This condition usually takes place in the adolescent years of men and women. Acne, in its basic form, is a problematic skin condition that can substantially get worse. Although there are various over the counter remedies for acne treatment, none is more effective than Isotretinoin, which is commonly referred to as Accutane. This powerful drug has been used for decades by dermatologists to effectively treat and eliminate the presence of acne.

Hence, if you are experiencing severe symptoms of uncontrollable acne, you may need to speak with your local dermatologist about taking Accutane. Read on to learn more about Accutane’s potency and risks.

What is Accutane?

In its basic form, Accutane is natural derivative of Vitamin A, which is commonly found in the bloodstream of people. By this definition, Vitamin A does have the same effects of Accutane, but it’s more unstable in large amounts. In fact, dermatologists recommend that Vitamin A and Accutane should not be taken together, or even in the same diet.

How Long Does Accutane Take to Be Effective?

By taking Accutane, it usually takes four to five months for acne to be completely eliminated. This usually varies by a case to case basis. During the initial stages of taking Accutane, some individuals may report that their acne has gotten significantly worse, only to get better in a few days. Depending on the severity of your acne, your dermatologist will prescribe a special dosage of Accutane to properly treat your condition.

Are There Any Risks?

As it was previously mentioned, Accutane is a natural derivative of Vitamin A. In addition, Accutane can cause extreme birth defects in pregnant women. Therefore, women that are pregnant are advised to avoid this drug. In high doses, Accutane can also heavily increase the level of blood fats, which can negatively affect your liver.


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