Causes of Vitiligo and Treatments


Vitiligo is a common skin disease that results in the discoloration of skin color in blotches. With over 200,000 cases per year, Vitiligo is a serious skin condition that requires full medical attention from a dermatologist to properly treat. In addition, this skin condition is a chronic disease that has no cure, even with the most effective treatment. The exact nature of Vitiligo is still being studied to this day, but numerous research has been obtained to help patients find their best alternative to living a healthy and full life.

Read on to learn more about Vitiligo, its causes, and its unique treatment applications from Front Range Dermatology.

What Are the Causes of Vitiligo?

The specific causes of vitiligo is primarily unknown. Researchers and medical experts suspect that genetics plays a major role in the contribution of the disease. Vitiligo is an autoimmune disease, in which pigment-producing cells die. As a result, numerous white blotches of skin appear on the patient’s body.

The extent of this irregular pigmentation is also unknown, but a specialized dermatologists can provide extensive information as to possible cause of your vitiligo.

What is The Common Treatment for Vitiligo?

Since vitiligo is a painless skin condition, the primary purpose of its treatment is to restore coloration to your skin aritificially. Some common treatments include covermark topical, sunscreen, ultraviolet (UV) light therapy, and photodynamic therapy. All of these treatments essentially work towards the goal of restoring color to your skin, so you can live a normal life with your condition.

Is There a Cure?

Unfortunately, there is not a cure for vitiligo. Treatment usually helps to reduce the appearance of the skin condition, but there isn’t an available cure for vitiligo. In order to learn about your treatment options, visit your local dermatologist for more information.


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