IPL Treatment

Intense Pulsed Light (IPL) treatment involves using technology to eliminate the presence of age spots and perform various skin treatments. Used by a countless number of dermatologists, IPL treatment is a breakthrough in modern skin care treatment. Not only is IPL treatment used to treat areas of age, sun damage, and skin pigmentation, this treatment is also instrumental in alleviating many various skin diseases and conditions.

If you are interested in learning more about IPL treatment, read on to receive a glimpse of how a standard procedure is carried out.

What is IPL Treatment?

IPL treatment involves the a 30-minute procedure in which a patient absorbs intense of light that penetrates deep within the skin to effectively reduce age lines and redlines. Specifically, once the light makes contact with the skin, a process known as photorejuvenation happens that causes blood vessels and collagen under the epidermis to compress. As a result, the skin becomes fresh and appears clear from any noticeable skin blemishes within a short period of time.

Is This Procedure Painful?

While there is some mild discomfort to this procedure, IPL treatment is not painful. Small amounts of swelling and redness may appear after the procedure, but these blemishes will usually disappear quickly afterwards.

When Will I See The Results?

After the procedure, there will be some noticeable changes to your skin. However, it will take a few weeks to gradually see the results of your procedure. Depending on your skin condition, you could begin enjoying your new skin days after your planned procedure. For more information, speak to your local dermatologist about the length of time it will take for your results to kick in.


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