Warts and Common Treatments


Warts (Verruca Vulgaris) are benign growths caused by human papillomavirus (HPV). The virus causes the formation of rough, gritty papules on the skin. While some warts resolve on their own, others can last for several years or a lifetime. Warts can be a source of physical pain as well as emotional embarrassment due to their appearance

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Are Warts Infectious?

Yes. Warts can spread to other areas of the body as well as to other people. Transmission is caused by touching a wart or something that is contaminated by the wart virus (shower floor, bath towel).  Warts can be spread to areas of minor trauma on the skin such as picking or shaving. Certain people are more susceptible to getting the infection such as children, patients with eczema and those with weaken immune systems such as organ transplant patients.

How Long Does Wart Treatment Take?

If left untreated, warts can last from months to several years. If numerous warts are present, it’s often better to receive treatment to expedite this process. Still, it can take multiple weeks for common treatments to work effectively.

What Are Some Common Wart Treatments?

Just like every patient, every wart is different. Some treatments destroy the wart, others stimulate the immune system to fight the virus, and there are treatments that use a combination of both. Our dermatology providers will develop at treatment plan that may include one or more of the following treatments:

  • Cryotherapy (freezing the wart)
  • Curettage (paring down a wart)
  • Immunotherapy to stimulate the body immune system (imiquimod, vaccines or injections to stimulate the body’s immune system)
  • Topical Medications (salicylic acid, cantherone, 5-fluorouracil)
  • Nutritional supplements

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