Cosmetic surgery has been sought out for decades by both men and women in hopes of restoring youthfulness in their appearance, improving self-image, or finding a renewed self-confidence. With each new year, the field of cosmetic dermatology and cosmetic surgery make impressive advancements in providing safe and effective procedures and treatments to help patients look and feel their best. However, many people still find themselves unsure about investing in cosmetic surgery because of misguided information and assumptions.
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If you are on the fence about cosmetic surgery, we hope dispelling these common cosmetic surgery myths will help you make the decision to schedule an appointment for Greeley cosmetic dermatology services.

Myth: Cosmetic Surgery Is the Same as Plastic Surgery

Despite popular belief, cosmetic surgery is not the same as plastic surgery. Cosmetic specializes in improving and enhancing aesthetic appearance. Cosmetic surgeons are highly skilled, highly trained, and highly knowledgeable and must undergo specific training to become board certified. Many procedures can fall under the scope of both cosmetic and plastic surgery, but the terms are not interchangeable. You can find more information about various cosmetic surgery procedures by clicking here.

Myth: Dermatologists Cannot Perform Cosmetic Surgery

In reality, a vast number of cosmetic surgeons are doctors board-certified in dermatology with the specialized training and experience to perform surgical procedures in cosmetic dermatology. In fact, a number of cosmetic surgery procedures were developed and perfected by dermatologists.

Myth: Cosmetic Surgery Will Make You Look Fake

When performed correctly, cosmetic surgery will create an appearance that is natural, youthful, smooth and vibrant.

Myth: Cosmetic Surgery Is Only for Women

Cosmetic surgery can benefit both men and women. Women account for the majority of cosmetic procedures. However, an increasing number of men are seeking cosmetic surgery. Cosmetic procedures such as facelifts, injectables, and other anti-aging treatments help men to improve personal appearance just as much as they help women. You can read more about why more men are having cosmetic surgery by clicking here.

Myth: Cosmetic Surgery Is Only for Older People

People as young as 18 years old can aesthetically benefit from cosmetic surgery; it is not only for older people. With a wide range of treatment options, any qualifying adult can undergo cosmetic surgery. It is important to keep in mind, however, that any patient, regardless of age or gender, will have to meet certain requirements to qualify for individual procedures. During a consultation, your cosmetic surgeon will thoroughly go over your medical history, physical needs, and aesthetic goals to determine if cosmetic surgery is right for you.

Myth: Cosmetic Surgery Is Too Expensive

There are many cosmetic surgery options, making it possible to find a treatment that will improve your appearance and fit in your budget.

Myth: Results from Cosmetic Surgery Will Last Forever

Cosmetic surgery that is done well from a highly experienced, board-certified cosmetic surgeon should provide results that last, however, these results will not last forever. Each procedure and treatment has its limitations. Some procedures such as Botox cosmetic or other anti-wrinkle treatments must be performed on a more regular basis to maintain results, while others such as a face-lift will provide results for years. It’s also important to remember that cosmetic surgery can help to improve the signs and appearance of aging, but it doesn’t stop you from physically aging — your body will still age, and in turn, natural changes are unavoidable.

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