Peel-off charcoal masks have been the rage for while. People all over the country are trying them, hoping to rejuvenate dull Charcoal Maskskin and clean out their clogged pores. If one of your greatest skin troubles has been blackheads, you can probably relate and have tried peel-off charcoal masks yourself.

It’s true…you will find numerous videos that seem to show positive results. But are these charcoal masks really that effective and good for your skin?

They do provide results…temporarily.

Charcoal masks are especially popular because they definitely seem to provide immediate results. Whether you have personally tried the mask yourself or have watched a video, you are able to see some of the build up in your pores come out as the mask is removed. This, obviously, makes it feel like the mask is accomplishing what you want it to.

The unfortunate reality is, however, that there is still much more to a blackhead than you can actually see on your skin’s surface. The reason you have the tiny black spots on your skin is because when the built-up mixture of oil, bacteria, and skin cells is exposed to the air, those tiny areas oxidize and turn black. However, there is still more impurity build up in your pores beyond the black spots you can see. A charcoal mask can remove that top layer of oxidized skin impurities, but it is not dealing with the root issue.

So while you may appreciate the immediate results you get when you use a charcoal mask, don’t be surprised when your blackheads are back in a short amount of time (probably within 30 days).

Is the peeling-off part good for your skin?

The peel-off charcoal masks obviously stick to more than just your blackheads. Obviously, the glue won’t know to just attack those tiny problem areas!

When the mask is removed, it can potentially take with it small hairs as well as the natural oils your skin produces for protection. Not only that, but these masks can actually tear off a surface layer of skin. While people with more oily prone skin may find this mask appealing, remember that removing all the oils your skin naturally produces as a protective barrier could actually bring more problems. At the least, you may suffer dry or irritated skin when you use a peel-off charcoal mask.

What are some alternatives to charcoal masks?

Our goal isn’t to discourage you from obtaining the radiant skin you’ve been wanting for so long. However, there are alternatives that are much healthier for your skin that we would suggest you try.

One of the things you can use is an approved over-the-counter retinol, which works to encourage your surface skin cells to turn over more quickly and help new cells grow. At the same time, a retinol will work to keep your skin from getting clogged. This will obviously result in more radiant, clean, and healthy-looking skin over time. If you are looking for faster results, you can get a special retinoid prescribed by your dermatologist.

Another alternative to a peel-off charcoal mask is a professional chemical peel that you can get at your dermatologist. You can also find safe, approved home peels that won’t damage your skin but help improve clarity and radiance.

Don’t waste your money.

You do not have to waste your money on the latest fad to get the beautiful results your skin needs. And remember, just because something appears to be working does not mean it is producing lasting results or that it is safe for your skin. Always talk to your dermatologists for their recommendations for your skincare needs.

At Front Range Dermatology, we offer a number of different treatments to help keep your skin clear and youthful. If you are searching for a solution, please contact us today.