post holiday skin care tips

The holidays are known to affect a person’s waistline, but all the stress, travel, parties, and seemingly unending dessert choices can take its toll on your skin as well. The stress and sugar can cause breakouts, irritation, and oiliness, while travel can put your skin in contact with more dirt and germs than normal. If the holidays have left you with the gift of a poor complexion, there are steps you can take to revitalize your skin in the new year. With a clear resolution for quality skincare and help from the best Fort Collins acne treatment, your skin can look better than ever. Let’s look at a few post-holiday skincare tips:

Cleanse Carefully

Skin that is bogged down with dirt, oils, germs, makeup and dead skin cells will be more prone to skin problems. It is particularly important to cleanse your skin every night to remove makeup and any lingering effects from the day, but cleansing your face in the morning is also important to refresh and remove any toxins released overnight.

While cleansing is important, you must be careful how you wash your face and the products you use. Harsh, soapy cleansers can over-dry and irritate your skin, while makeup removing wipes can leave behind traces of makeup and grime. Choose a cleanser formulated for your skin type or a gentle cleanser free of fragrance, sulfates and harsh chemicals.

Make Sure to Moisturize

Cleansing and moisturizing are two of the most basic skincare steps, but they are also highly effective. After you’ve carefully cleansed your face, make sure that you apply a hydrating moisturizer while your skin is still damp. Moisturizer will help to lock in the moisture your skin needs to remain soft and glowing.

Exfoliate Every So Often

The winter season with cold temperatures, dry air, and heat from the furnace in full effect can dry out your skin and dull your complexion. With exfoliation, you can help revive your skin’s surface by removing the buildup of dead skin leaving behind smoother, more radiant looking skin. Exfoliation can be done in a number of ways using a number of products, but it is not something you should do on a daily basis. For more tips on how to properly exfoliate your skin at home, click here.

Let Your Skin Breathe

Often, our skin just needs a chance to relax, detox, and breathe. To help your skin breathe a little easier, you can try a few different things. You might start with a facemask formulated to address any specific skin concern you may have. A good facemask with natural ingredients can provide both cleansing and exfoliating properties to effectively brighten and refresh your skin.

Another way to give your skin the rest it needs is to take a few days to let your skin breathe without makeup. Make plans to stay home and relax this weekend so that you can take a day off from your makeup regimen. Try a good facemask or simply pampering your skin with a nice warm bath and a DIY home spa day. Adding essential oils such as lavender or honey can help to soften skin, reduce inflammation, and relieve stress. Click here for inspiration and ideas on how to have a spa day at home.  

Watch What You Eat

The holiday season comes hand in hand with excess food, alcohol and sugary treats. Eating too many Christmas cookies or over-indulging in your favorite holiday cocktail can affect your skin just as much as it affects your weight. Holiday menus with foods (or drinks) that are salty, sugary, cheesy, starchy, and bubbly can cause puffy, dry, irritated skin and even lead to breakouts. (You can read more about the foods that affect your skin the most here.) Detoxing from the inside out, letting your body recover from the multiple Christmas dinners that were had, and replacing those big holiday meals with healthy nutrient-rich foods can make a positive impact on your complexion.

Stay Hydrated

Another way to treat your skin from the inside out is to drink plenty of water. Drinking at least eight glasses of water each day will keep your skin hydrated and help it to perform at its best. Sufficient water intake will help keep your skin healthy, clear, glowing and plump. Water is also one of the best ways to clear out toxins from your system, reducing the risk of skin problems such as acne, dryness or even premature signs of aging.

Visit a Dermotologist

Need further help to take care of your skin properly or to treat acne or another bothersome skin issue? Get in touch with Front Range Dermatology today to set up an appointment.