loveland dermatologists skincare tips

Skincare treatments can easily get very involved—and expensive. With the cleansers, lotions, facials, toners, and more, having beautiful, healthy skin can feel like a major investment. Is it worth it to splurge on more expensive products, or will cheap skincare treatments get the job done? There isn’t a definitive rule either way. Your best bet is to follow the advice of dermatologists. Loveland area dermatologists, Front Range Dermatology Associates, can give you an idea of your skin type and the best treatments for your lifestyle. From there, you can determine the most important parts of your skincare routine that deserve higher-quality products, and where you should save.

The main difference between expensive and cheap skincare treatments is the ingredients. In general, more expensive products tend to have higher-quality ingredients in higher quantities. An expensive lotion and a cheap lotion may have the same basic ingredients, but the cheaper version is likely watered down and not as concentrated. Expensive products are often backed by doctors and have proven results. In some cases, however, expensive products are only expensive because of their name brand or popularity. You’re paying more to use a designer skincare treatment when in reality it feels the same on your face as the drugstore version. Click here to read more about the differences between expensive and cheap skincare treatments.

There’s no clear-cut answer between expensive and cheap skin treatments, but here are some things to keep in mind for certain products:


Serums tend to be on the pricier side, and for good reason. Experts say these products are worth the splurge because expensive versions pack smaller molecules that can penetrate the skin and make a noticeable difference. Cheaper serums tend to have more filler ingredients and don’t go as deep into the skin. Investing in a good serum allows it to soak further into your skin. Specialized serums focus on things like tightening or hydrating the skin; consult your dermatologist about the best serum for your skin type. Click here for more information about serums.


Retinol is known for its anti-aging properties and can lessen the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. For retinol to work its magic, it has to be applied in highly concentrated doses. Cheaper retinol products typically don’t include enough actual retinol in their formulas to make a difference. In general, expensive retinols have proven formulas, while the effectiveness of cheaper versions is largely unknown. This treatment could be worth the extra cost.


The base for healthy skin is clean skin. Using a cleanser twice a day is the first step to creating beautiful skin. However, skin cleanser is typically made of basic ingredients that don’t cost much to put together. There isn’t much of a difference between expensive cleansers and cheap cleansers except for the brand name and packaging. Cleanser isn’t on your skin long enough to make a difference, compared to treatments like serums that soak completely into the skin. The only exception is if you have acne and need a specialized cleanser with active ingredients or if you have extremely sensitive skin. If that’s the case, spending more on an acne-fighting cleanser could be worth the cost.


Daily moisturizer is a must for anyone who cares about their skin. There’s a wide range of products available, but most experts agree that for most people, moisturizer is just there to create a barrier between your skin and all the dirt and grime in the air. The basic ingredients in an effective moisturizer aren’t expensive, so you don’t need to spend a lot of money. Plus, the serum underneath the moisturizer is more important. The serum does the work, and the moisturizer locks it in. To balance costs, invest in a quality serum and go for a less expensive moisturizer.

Having great, healthy skin doesn’t need to take your entire bank account. Be smart about your skincare treatments and get high-quality products when it matters most. You don’t have to spend a lot of money to have great skin.