woman checking for hair loss

If you’ve noticed your hair falling out more frequently than normal, it can be a cause for concern. Everyone sheds a small amount of hair throughout the day, but losing more hair or experiencing noticeably thinning hair can point to a larger issue. Dermatology doctors in Greeley can be a great resource for questions about thinning hair, especially because the scalp is a huge area of skin. There are numerous causes for hair loss, but you might find yourself wondering, hair products and hair loss—is there a connection? In general, hair products aren’t the most common cause of hair loss, but they can still contribute. Here’s what you need to know.


Causes of Hair Loss

There are multiple causes for hair loss, ranging from genetic conditions to medicine and diseases. The most common causes of hair loss in women are biological and come from health conditions. Some causes for hair loss are temporary, such as pregnancy or taking certain types of medicine. Other conditions are permanent, such as alopecia. In most cases, these causes are more likely than other reasons for hair loss, such as lifestyle choices and hair products. It is normal to lose a small amount of hair each day, but if you notice that your hair is thinning quickly or large clumps of hair are coming out, it could be a larger medical condition. 

Hair Products and Hair Loss

However, that’s not to say that hair products and styling can’t lead to hair loss. There are multiple ways hair styling can cause hair to thin, but they often aren’t as common as the medical reasons. In most cases, the hair products themselves don’t cause women’s hair to thin and fall out. Instead, it is how the products are used that causes the issue.

Hair loss from styling typically comes from breakage if the hair is put into a stressful situation. One of the most common causes for hair loss in this area is always wearing your hair in a ponytail. Having your hair constantly pulled back from your face, especially in a tight ponytail or bun, puts constant concentrated pressure on the hair and can lead to breakage and shedding.

Another potential cause of hair loss is over-styling your hair or using too much heat. In this case, it still isn’t the products you’re using, but rather how they are being used. Using too much heat on your hair, such as a hairdryer and straightener on a regular basis, can cause the hair to become fragile and fall out. It can also speed up the natural hair loss that happens with age. Using hot tools puts added stress on the scalp and dries out the hair follicles, which can lead to breakage and thinning.

The bottom line is that most hair products don’t cause hair loss, but the way that you style and treat your hair can cause breakage and thinning issues. That isn’t to say that all products are safe for the hair. Products that contain large amounts of chemicals, especially when used regularly, can greatly affect hair health by drying out hair and damaging the follicles.  

Preventing Hair Loss

With this in mind, can hair loss be prevented? If the cause is a medical condition, the answer is likely no, though it may be able to be treated. If hair loss is caused by how the hair is treated, it likely can be prevented. Avoid using heat and chemicals on your hair regularly, especially without some kind of protecting spray. Give your hair a break from being heated, straightened, and pulled back and simply let it thrive in its natural state.

Hair loss can be difficult to deal with. Understanding the connection between hair products and hair loss can help women understand the cause of their hair loss. Dermatology doctors can provide personalized recommendations on treating and preventing hair loss and keeping your hair and scalp healthy for years to come.